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Facilitator Training

The Healing the Wounds of History Facilitator Training is a 15-week Drama Therapy training for Psychotherapists, Drama and Expressive Arts Therapists, Social Workers, Interns, Trainees, Coaches, Peacebuilders, Social Entrepreneurs, and Activists. This 45-hour training provides a foundational exploration of the Healing the Wounds of History process. The training introduces peacebuilding and conflict transformation approaches to healing generational, historical and ancestral trauma through drama therapy.

The course will involve experiential learning and techniques culled from Drama Therapy, Psychodrama, Sociodrama, Playback Theatre, Expressive Arts Therapy, Autobiographical Therapeutic Performance and Transactional Analysis. The experiential portion of the training will focus on the application of Healing the Wounds of History as a tool in working with individuals, groups and transforming societies. The didactic portion of the training will offer readings and a theoretical basis and rationale for the use of Healing the Wounds of History approaches in working through personal and collective trauma in multiple cultural and clinical contexts.

For Drama Therapy Students on the Registered Drama Therapists Alternate Training Track

This course fulfills the core drama therapy 3 unit (45 hour) educational requirement for Advanced Elective in Drama Therapy in the Alternative Training Program with the North American Drama Therapy Association when combined with additional required coursework.

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