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About Our Counseling Collective

The Living Arts Counseling Collective is a specialized, nonprofit provider of community counseling services, promoting psychological and social wellness through the therapeutic use of drama and related expressive arts. We are founded on the belief that the arts are alive and that living is an art. The incorporation of drama and the expressive arts in therapy is an effective and empowering method for problem-solving, promoting growth and well-being within individuals, families and groups; and that the arts can build bridges between cultures.

We are committed to making the benefits of drama and expressive arts therapies available to the community by offering quality professional services, in accordance with the highest ethical standards, to individuals, couples, children, and families of all backgrounds. 

Our primary objectives are:

  • To provide the public with clinically effective and affordable therapy services that incorporate drama and expressive arts processes.
  • To provide professional training and supervision in the therapeutic use of drama and the expressive arts for qualified trainees, associates, drama therapists and clinicians.
  • To promote the continuing development of drama therapy and expressive arts therapy as recognized methods for facilitating personal and social well-being.